Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sunday Foodie Fun: Tortillas, Cheese Crackers, Butter

Lo, being the only one speaking English in the local grocery store.

However, need a tortilla press? My local Safeway has ‘em! I used this recipe for Whole Wheat Tortillas. Easy. Taste good. But I don’t know if it is a limitation of the press I bought or what, but they weren’t as thin, and therefore as large, as I wanted. I think next time I’ll press them and then go one or two passes with the rolling pin. But there are 24 fresh tortillas safely stashed in the freezer now.

I also bought a pasta maker (for $5 from Craigslist! Whee!)
This is not a non sequitur so stay with me for a minute.

I have been making Cheese Crackers now and again for many years. This go around inspired by the fact that I have been eating those 100 Calorie Pack things of cheese crackers lately, which not only have all sorts of stuff in them, but again Lo, this time with the packaging.

I used some Cracker Barrel 2% cheddar, King Arthur White Whole Wheat flour, some salt and water to hold it all together into a dough. Then I ran it through the pasta maker a few times (see, I told you it would all make sense.) Rolling cracker dough is a bitch at best, the pasta maker makes easy work of getting the dough nice and thin, which you have to do if you want a crisp cracker. And believe me, you want a crisp cracker. 1 pound of crackers made which I will break down into my own 100 calorie packs. (I use Recipe Calc 4.0)

Finally. I need a cow. Do you think my tenants would mind if I raised a cow in the back yard of the building? It could be a small cow. No?

On the heels of the recent cheese adventures, I decided to make some of my own butter. Again, not hard. But, in spite of what the internet says, you cannot make butter in a blender. (Not in my wimpy blender anyway, which can be added to the list of why I am currently coveting one of these.) You can however make butter with your stick/immersion blender, just the like pioneers used to do!

Ok fine I didn’t churn it myself, but I did make butter from scratch. According to the internet you need to wash the butter to get the buttermilk out so it won’t go sour. Who knew? So one pint of local heavy cream turns into 8oz of butter. 4 for the fridge, 4 for the freezer, which should last me a while since I ixnayed my buttered toast habit a while back in the interest of there being less of me.


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