Monday, June 25, 2007


Blah. Ick. Argh. Meh.

Too much work. Not sleeping well. Can’t get my “going to the gym” shit together.

Eating too much, eating bad food. NJ and I out last week deciding that there are no good places left to eat in DC. Have to move to a new city. Have to never eat anywhere I have already eaten again. Am only eating the things I know, specifically, that are specifically good:

  1. The biscuits at Acadiana
  2. Tater Tots at Bourbon
  3. Duck confit at Café Atlantico
  4. Ahi Tuna Mignon at Café Deluxe
  5. Doughnuts at Colorado Kitchen
  6. Plain Cheese Pizza at Comet Ping Pong
  7. Truffled Mushrooms at Crème Café
  8. Elvis Sliders at Jackie’s
  9. Bacon wrapped date fritters at Jaleo
  10. Anything at Komi
  11. Grilled Cheese at Luna Grill
  12. Steak Tartare at Montsouris
  13. Dim Sum at Oriental East
  14. The Burger at the bar at Palena
  15. Four cheese pizza at Pizzeria Paradiso
  16. Crispy fried spinach at Rasika
  17. Duck Tacos at Taqueria Poblano



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