Thursday, January 11, 2007

An Observation:

Music good to have sex* by:

Led Zeppelin
Nine Inch Nails

Surprisingly, music NOT good to workout by:

Led Zeppelin
Nine Inch Nails

*Please note: while I did just return from the gym, I only vaguely remember having sex, so take this observation with a grain (or six) of salt.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

To get the new years diet started off right...

My mom and her husband have sent me 6 pints of Capogiro Gelato for the holidays. You may remember me raving about this stuff this summer. They are a small company from Philadelphia and SH and I went to their shop back in July. The gelato is every bit as fabulous as I remembered. I picked the following flavors:

1. Black Walnut - Straight from Lancaster County , these nuts are strong and incredible. Perfect match with all the fall flavors.
2. Melograno - Seed by painstaking seed. Glorious pomegranate.
3. Nocciola Piedmontese Gelato - 100% Hazelnut paste from the Piedmont region of Italy .
4. Mint Stracciatella - Fresh sharp mint gelato with flecks of bittersweet chocolate. We make our mint gelato with swiss mint from an herb farm in Lansdale . My genius farmer is greenhousing the mint so we are not deprived throughout the winter.
5. Cioccolato Scuro - Dark, rich and bittersweet chocolate gelato.
6. Lime Cilantro - Hand squeezed Persian limes with Lancaster cilantro. Excellent!

Gelato tasting party anyone?